Below you’ll find all the Problem of the Week questions for the year. It is all stored in a cloud folder, which I can share access too – just let me know.

POTW is due each THURSDAY, as that’s when the new problems come out.

Naming convention…

  • first comes POTW for problem of the week
  • next letter tells you the grade – B is 5/6, C is 7/8. there is also an A, D and E on the U of Waterloo website
  • the 15 is for the year
  • the next two letters are for the strand of mathematics
  • finally comes the problem # in order
  • P is for problem and S for the solution to the previous week problem




  1. Comment by Angela:

    wait, what exactly is this? I’m so confused!!!

  2. Comment by Amy:

    Is there a Z ? Because if there is then Post it on here.

  3. Comment by Amy:

    I am a weird purple thingy

  4. Comment by Hassan:

    This is soo awesome :p

  5. Comment by Han:

    This is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Comment by Emaan:

    POTW is awesome

  7. Comment by Shourov Desai:


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