Math: Whole Numbers Addition and Subtraction

Here’s a few videos dealing with whole numbers and the 4 operations. I’ve uploaded these videos so you can use the strategies at home or in class. It can be hard to remember the steps in a strategy or why it works. I hope I’ve hit on those here, so you can watch as you want and pause as you try them out. Show them to your family and have them try the strategies. What does everyone think? Do they like these, or are they set in their ways with the standard “stack ’em up” strategy we were taught when we were in school?

What do you think?

This first one talks about why we bother with “alternative” algorithms instead of just teaching the same old standard North American algorithm for the operations. Check it out.

This second video deals with some other ways to work at addition. Compensation, decomposition, splitting and “jumps of” are looked at.

This video looks at subtraction and focuses on compensation in subtraction and working with a constant difference.

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