Welcome 5/6!

Screenshot_1Hey, what’s up?

I’m pretty excited to jump back into the classroom after three years of being the Math Coach here at Munn’s and loading up the rest of my schedule with gym, IT and working with the Intermediates. One of the cool things about teaching is you can jump all over the place and do different things. I’ve taught JK, SK, Grade One, Grade 5 and now this 5/6 combined class. I’ve also taught Math to every single grade in the meantime!

In my past lives as a teacher I’ve used this site a lot to get content out to students and parents, but I don’t see it being as active this year with the transition to all things google. Now that we use Google Docs (Halton Cloud) so much at Munn’s and with the creation of Google Classroom, I see us using those a lot this year, especially in Language. I see this site being more of a useful space on the web for links, quick little notes, etc. We’ll see what happens – things on the web change fast, as we all know.

All that said, your first task from this site is to sign up at Google Classroom!

  1. Make sure you are signed it with your halton info and not a personal account
  2. Head on over to classroom.google.com
  3. Click on the + symbol and join a class (top right of the screen)
  4. Use the code msq7too


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