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Posted June 6, 2017 By mark

Lego extension

Action Story

Spell Up!

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Grade 4 Math bits

Posted April 30, 2017 By mark

Hey gang, I’m doing some Math work with Mr. Pearce, but here’s some stuff to check out. I will be in real Friday with some protractors!

For today…

  1. Gizmos – explorelearning.com
  2. Some of the math games from a few weeks ago (just scroll down)
  3. Dreambox
  4. Check out this info on quadrilaterals – mathisfun
  5. Some cool stuff at Khan Academy (watch the video and do the next 3 parts – ending with the challenge)
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Grade 4 Division Work

Posted March 24, 2017 By mark

Yo dudes, today we have some time to work on some division games.

  1. Head over to http://explorelearning.com and try some gizmos. I’ll model them for you!
  2. Bunny Times (multiplication challenge)
  3. Krypto (a number making challenge – can be really hard!)
  4. Product Game (sort of like connect 4 – you can play a partner too)
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How Many Under the Shell?

Posted February 17, 2017 By mark

Watch that sneaky octopus

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Posted February 10, 2017 By mark

Cow Math!

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Math: Whole Numbers Division

Posted September 25, 2016 By mark

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Math: Whole Numbers Multiplication

Posted September 18, 2016 By mark

Here’s a not-so-short video laying out the distributive property and how it works well with an array.

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Math: Whole Numbers Addition and Subtraction

Posted September 12, 2016 By mark

Here’s a few videos dealing with whole numbers and the 4 operations. I’ve uploaded these videos so you can use the strategies at home or in class. It can be hard to remember the steps in a strategy or why it works. I hope I’ve hit on those here, so you can watch as you want and pause as you try them out. Show them to your family and have them try the strategies. What does everyone think? Do they like these, or are they set in their ways with the standard “stack ’em up” strategy we were taught when we were in school?

What do you think?

This first one talks about why we bother with “alternative” algorithms instead of just teaching the same old standard North American algorithm for the operations. Check it out.

This second video deals with some other ways to work at addition. Compensation, decomposition, splitting and “jumps of” are looked at.

This video looks at subtraction and focuses on compensation in subtraction and working with a constant difference.

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Welcome 5/6!

Posted August 27, 2016 By mark

Screenshot_1Hey, what’s up?

I’m pretty excited to jump back into the classroom after three years of being the Math Coach here at Munn’s and loading up the rest of my schedule with gym, IT and working with the Intermediates. One of the cool things about teaching is you can jump all over the place and do different things. I’ve taught JK, SK, Grade One, Grade 5 and now this 5/6 combined class. I’ve also taught Math to every single grade in the meantime!

In my past lives as a teacher I’ve used this site a lot to get content out to students and parents, but I don’t see it being as active this year with the transition to all things google. Now that we use Google Docs (Halton Cloud) so much at Munn’s and with the creation of Google Classroom, I see us using those a lot this year, especially in Language. I see this site being more of a useful space on the web for links, quick little notes, etc. We’ll see what happens – things on the web change fast, as we all know.

All that said, your first task from this site is to sign up at Google Classroom!

  1. Make sure you are signed it with your halton info and not a personal account
  2. Head on over to classroom.google.com
  3. Click on the + symbol and join a class (top right of the screen)
  4. Use the code msq7too
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